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Krieghoff Pad Adjuster Unit (Pre Fitted)

Krieghoff Pad Adjuster Unit (Pre Fitted)

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The Krieghoff Pad Adjuster (Pre-Fitted)
This unit comes either with or without a pad, but the unit does not need fitting.

The Pad Adjuster Unit (Pre-Fitted) has been pre-fitted to K-80 Trap Special Stock Dimensions. It will not fit any other stock other than Trap Special.

Note: This part may require ordering from Krieghoff, Germany. Delivery will be between 5-14 days

This Adjuster allows you to manoeuvrer the butt plate in a variety of different ways to suit you. The recoil pad is not included with this adjuster unit, but you can select to have a recoil pad with for an additional price. The different pad options are below. The pad is aligned and adjusted in several different ways to give you the perfect fit while shooting. There is the option to lengthen the stock by using spacers, which will work with the Krieghoff pad available. You can choose to fit your own pad to the unit, such as a Kick-Eez pad, which does mean that the spacers used with the unit will not then fit the pad.

The possible adjustments allow you to set the following:
- Heel In/Out
- Toe In/Out
- Lateral Adjustment
- Drop
- Pitch

Height - 132mm
Width - 45mm
Thickness of Unit - 19mm (without Pad)
Thickness of Unit - 42mm (with Krieghoff Pad)

You can use additional spacers to lengthen the unit. The spacers do only work with the Krieghoff Pad, so if you are fitting your own pad, such as a Kick-Eez pad, then the spacers will not be compatible.
Thickness of Spacer - 6.4mm

For details on fitting and the possible adjustments available,
please view the Krieghoff Adjustable Pad Manual

Options for this Adjuster Unit.
You can select from the options below to have the Pad Adjuster Unit (Pre-Fitted) without a recoil pad, or with a recoil pad for additional cost.
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