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Krieghoff K-80 Front Hanger - Gold Titanium (Choke Tube Barrels)

Krieghoff K-80 Front Hanger - Gold Titanium (Choke Tube Barrels)

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Krieghoff factory front hanger allows changes in point of impact of bottom barrel. Available for both Choke-tubed and Fixed choke barrel configurations. Please note that Briley or Teague choked K-80 will have a Fixed Choke barrel profile so choose the hanger for fixed choke barrels.

The change in point of impact will with vary barrel length and the only way to determine the exact amount is by pattern testing. As a rough guide you can estimate that each change of hanger size will move the POI 65mm (2.5") at 30 metres.

It is important to understand that the numbering system for CT hangers is not the same as that for Fixed Choke hangers. The barrel diameter of the Choke tube barrels is larger and so a #1 CT Hanger is roughly equivalent to a #3 Fixed Choke hanger. This means that a Choke Tubed gun shooting to your preferred POI with a #4 hanger equates to a #6 Hanger on a Fixed Choke pair of barrels. This is a guide only and you do need to pattern test to establish the exact hanger.

Hangers are easily changed by driving out the cross pin with the correct sized pin punch (1.4mm). Remove the hanger.

Weight of Titanium Hanger: 6 g
(Compared to Steel Hanger weight of 12 g)

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