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Krieghoff K-80 Choke Tube - KTW Extended (12 Bore)

Krieghoff K-80 Choke Tube - KTW Extended (12 Bore)

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The Krieghoff KTW Pro Extended Thinwall Choke Tubes for K-80 Parcours are designed to fit the standard choke thread of the Parcours and the Parcours-X barrels. These are for 12 Bore barrels only. The KTW Extended Chokes add 25mm to the length of the barrel.

The Thinwall design keeps the additional weight of the barrels to a minimum, weighing between 21 grams (Skeet) and 32 grams (Full), with two chokes fitted it adds approximately 42g to 64g to the total weight (depending on the choke combination). They measure 95mm so please check to see whether they fit your existing choke box. We do have the Krieghoff Pro Choke Box available, which fits the Krieghoff KTW Pro Extended.

These Chokes use a special Krieghoff Choke Wrench which is also available.
We also have the Krieghoff KTW Pro Flush Fit Chokes available for Parcours and Parcours-X.

Constrictions for Krieghoff KTW Thinwall Choke Tubes (12 gauge)
#0 SK, 1/8 (Lead) / #1 IC, 1/4 (Steel)
#1 IC, 1/4 (Lead) / #1+ LM, 3/8 (Steel)
#1+ LM, 3/8 (Lead) / #2 MOD, 1/2 (Steel)
#2 MOD, 1/2 (Lead) / #3 IM, 3/4 (Steel)
#2+ LIM, 5/8 (Lead)
#3 IMOD, 3/4 (Lead)
#4 Full, F (Lead)
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