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Krieghoff C-Clips (E-Clips)

Krieghoff C-Clips (E-Clips)

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These are the little clips that fit on the ends of the cross pins through the mechanism. Sometimes these can get lost when removing the stock. Please note: If you cannot find the missing clip it may be that it has fallen into the mechanism. It is possible that this clip can interfere with the cocking and result in the gun firing unexpectedly.

If you are in any doubt as to the whereabouts of the missing clip please send the gun to us at Krieghoff Service. We will need to strip the gun and there is a cost involved. Better this than an accident and we can do an annual service at the same time. The clips we sell here are for those customers who dropped a clip and cannot find it or those who have a loose clip that they need to replace. If you do not know where your clip is then you should not be replacing it.

We supply Three C-Clips as one order because if we send you one you are sure to lose it.

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