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Krieghoff Barrel / Stock Stickers

Krieghoff Barrel / Stock Stickers

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Krieghoff Barrel / Stock Stickers
Available in Gold, Silver or White.

These high quality vinyl sticker with the "Krieghoff" text logo are designed to be transferred to your Krieghoff Barrels or Stock.

The stickers come as a set of two. So you can attach one either side of your barrels, or attach one to your barrel and one to your stock.

Size: 149mm x 17.5mm
Choose your colour from the drop-down menu above.

How to Apply your Stickers

Step 1 - Prepare It
Lay your sticker on a clean and flat surface with the backing tape (white side) face down and rub over the application tape (clear side) with your squeegee or credit card to ensure the application tape has a good bond to the vinyl letters.

Step 2 - Peel It
Check the positioning of where your sticker will go, so you're ready for the next stage.
Next, peel the application tape (clear side) away from the backing paper (white side). Your sticker letters will now be held by the application tape.
Carefully place the the application tape on to your barrels. Check the alignment as you place it down.

Step 3 - Rub It
While your sticker in laying on your barrels in position, start by rubbing over the application tape and letters gently, and then increase the pressure and firmly rub with your squeegee or credit card. Make sure you cover each letter thoroughly.

Step 4 - Remove It
Carefully peel away the application tape at an angle and corner to corner. The letters should all be transferred onto your barrel. If they are still attached to the application tape, lay the application tape back down and rub over the letter again with the squeegee or credit card. Now, try again until the whole sticker has been transferred.
Your new Krieghoff Barrel / Stock Sticker should now be in place and ready to show off.
If your letters are not coming away from the application tape as you're peeling the application tape off, lay the application tape back over the letter and use the squeegee to rub over the letter again.

Sticker Removal
If you decide to remove the stickers for any reason. Use some light heat such as a hair dryer to aid the removal. The adhesive is permanent but will not damage or mark your barrels. Do not use any abrasive materials or solvents to remove the stickers as this may cause damage to the finish of your barrels.

We send the Krieghoff Barrel & Stock Stickers with a piece of card to prevent the stickers from being damaged in transit.
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