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K-80 Trap Special Stock & Forearm, Grade 2

K-80 Trap Special Stock & Forearm, Grade 2

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Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Stock & Forearm
Grade 2
Ref: 0108

This is a New Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Stock and Forearm. A nice grain throughout, with lighter tones at the head gradually getting darker towards the butt. It is a Grade 2 with a lacquered finish.
The stock has an adjustable comb for fine tuning your head position. The comb style is a straight comb, opposed to the rollover comb which is also available on Trap Special stocks.

The Stock is made to standard Trap Special dimensions:
Length of Pull 365mm: / 14.37"
Length of Grip: 93mm / 3.66"
Drop at Nose: 41mm / 1.61"
Drop at Monte Carlo: 41mm / 1.61"
Drop at Heel: 67mm / 2.24"
Cast at Heel: 3mm / 0.12"
Cast at Toe: 13mm / 0.51"
Pitch: 90º

Weight of Stock: 915g
Weight of Forearm: 190g (without forearm iron)

This is a new stock and never been fitted, so it would need to be fitted by us.
Unfortunately, no International shipping on stocks.

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