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K-80 Stock Bolt & Weight Balance System

K-80 Stock Bolt & Weight Balance System

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K-80 Stock Weight System - Bolt & Weight/s

The stock screw system is installed in the stock bolt access hole under the recoil pad. Installation is simple and involves only removing the original stock bolt and replacing it with the new longer stock bolt.
Please Note: Some stocks may have been shortened along with the stock bolt. To ensure you don't fit the new bolt and risk damaging your gun, please check the length of your existing bolt. You should not be exceeding 8 turns of the stock bolt when fitting. More than 8, feel free to contact us regarding shortening the bolt length.

The length of the longer stock bolt is 292mm.
Length of stock bolt from thread to mid piece is 168mm. This replacement bolt is designed to fit in place of existing stock bolts of 160mm in length.
The washers provide a slight amount of spring tension when tightening up the stock bolt. Please note the washer arrangement in the photo and the Stock Weight Instruction Sheet.

The balance screw carries an adjustable weight that can be positioned anywhere on the top section of the balance screw. The longer stock bolt itself weighs an additional 40g in weight to the standard bolt and each stock weight adds another 30g.
A possible 5 weights can be added to the longer stock bolt, totaling 150g. This added to the additional 40g of the stock bolt means you can add up to 190g to the rear end of the gun.

Also available for the K-80 Balance System are the K-80 Barrel Weights, combining both systems provides maximum flexibility in handling configuration.

There are different Options for purchasing:
- Stock Bolt Screw with ONE Stock Weight
- Stock Bolt Screw with TWO Stock Weights
- Additional Individual Weights are available separately. 

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