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K-80 Barrels - 30" Taper Flat (12 Bore), Choke Tube

K-80 Barrels - 30" Taper Flat (12 Bore), Choke Tube

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Krieghoff K-80 Taper Flat Barrels
12 Bore
30" - Choke Tube

These New K-80 Barrels can be fitted to your Krieghoff K-80 as an additional set. You will be required to send your current K-80 in to us for the fitting as these are brand new barrels, never been fitted to a gun.

These are fitted with the Factory Choke System and comes with two blued Steel Factory Choke Tubes and a blued Steel Hanger of your choice. You can upgrade to Titanium at an additional cost.

Weight: 1,672 (with two steel chokes and steel hanger)

These barrels can only be supplied to the UK for fitting.

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