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Krieghoff Steel Middle Hanger (For Parcours)

Krieghoff Steel Middle Hanger (For Parcours)

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The Krieghoff Middle Hanger is designed to fit on to the Parcours barrels (soldered barrels) to enable Sporting or Trap forearms to fit correctly.

The hanger adapts the barrels to the wider dimensions found on the various models of K-80 including, Super Sport, Trap Special, Pro Sporter, Pro Trap. All of which typically use floating barrels in their configurations.

The middle hanger comes complete with the correct screw. The slimmer Parcours middle hanger is untightened, then carefully slide it free from the barrel. Carefully slide the new middle hanger into position and fasten in place using the screw provided. Make sure to use the correct screw as the screws are different.
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